The spritzer is back once again

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The spritzer was born in the nineteenth century as a way to create bubbly wine. Traditionally, the spritzer is made with cold wine and cold soda water, served in a wine glass with no ice, but now, as is common with many traditional drinks, several variations can be found.

The spritzer is in vogue once again, currently making a comeback on hipster rooftops, garden parties across the nation.

There are actually several stories that all point to the origin of the spritzer. One traces the drink all the way back to 1842 and the country of Hungary where, as legend has it, Hungarian author András Fáy invited a group of friends to visit his new wine cellar, including the scientist Ányos Jedlik, who brought with him a bottle of soda water. Since the newly invented soda water was all the rage in that day, Ányos decided to mix it with the wine that was being poured, and upon drinking his new creation, decided to call the drink a spritzer. However, Ányos’s companions didn’t like the Austrian-German word he had chosen for the new drink, they were Hungarians after all, so they decided to call it fröccs instead, which, to this day, is the Hungarian name for a spritzer.

No matter how you drink a spritzer, whether traditionally over ice or as an Aperol Spritz, it’s a delicious way to cool off during the summer. And now you know where it comes from.


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